Youth in Dialogue: Europe

Debating Club with Claudia Bousset & Nele Kister


Everyone's talking about Europe! What will happen to Europe? Why is it important for all of us? What can each one of us do for it? Nele Kister and Claudia Bousset spend a week exploring the topic and preparing a “salon” on it. The idea is that the club’s participants design an evening – their salon – about Europe, i.e. gather facts, ask questions, find answers. We expect to have an expert present for a stage talk and a discussion, which is also led by the youngsters. Because discussions help to gain an understanding and to question and review one's own positions.

Claudia Bousset

In 2014 Claudia Bousset founded the “salonfestival.” With a team of 24, she develops and designs salons all over Germany. Under the auspices of the nonprofit, private individuals open their homes to host panel discussions, readings and concerts. A network of committed civic society that encourages, promotes and participates in developments in our country is being established. In three years, close to 500 salons with more than 22,000 guests were realized. In 2018, Münster, Stuttgart and Dresden will be added to the existing locations of Berlin, Bochum, Bonn, Dusseldorf, Essen, Frankfurt, Hannover, Hamburg, Karlsruhe, RheinMain and Wiesbaden. For more information, please visit

Nele Kister

Nele Kister develops educational media on behalf of the Federal Agency for Civic Education and various federal ministries. In cooperation with the Eduversum Verlag, she authors multimedia offers for children, young adults and teachers. Nele Kister has been a member of the program management team for the "salonfestival", a national network to promote privately hosted political, scientific, literary and musical salons, since 2014.


August 20 – 24, 2018
9pm – 10pm
ages 13 – 16 


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The workshops take place with at least 5 participants.