Edutainment | Craft Workshop

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Edutainment | Craft Workshop

Workshop for kids & teens

with Regine Laute

Workshop participants will learn to stamp and emboss using a hand-held device and variously formed punching shapes, creating unique products from various materials such as cardboard, paper and plastic. Kids can choose from a wide variety of punching shapes. Stamps, pencils and paint are used to provide the final touches. The main focus is on individual creativity. Anyone can make whatever product they want, from animal figurines and albums to door hangers and cards – forming, punching, stamping, painting and shrinking to their heart’s content.


29 June – 3 July 2020
5 – 9 October 2020

From 10:00 - 1.00 p.m.
from ages 8

Please book your child's participation when you reserve your room or in advance by sending an email to

Please note that you must register your child with the Hospitality Desk one last time and in person, and give Schloss Elmau written permission to look after your child, before the start of the program. For the first unit of the program, the child must be personally handed over to the Kids caregivers by a parent or guardian.