12 June

I don’t have to listen on WhatsApp.

Lecture by Katja Geist
How are social networks changing our children’s communication behavior?

Katja Geist has been the head dance and acting coach for the child actors in Disney’s “The Lion King” in Hamburg for over 11 years. In this context, she has witnessed first-hand how WhatsApp, Instagram and Co. have changed the communication world of her 8 - 14 year old charges in recent years.

Jonas: “Katja, what did your mobile look like when you were a kid?”
 Katja: “We didn’t have mobiles yet.”
 Jonas: (shocked) “What did you do?”
 Katja: “We talked on the phone.”
 Jonas: “With what?”
 Katja: “With a phone.”
 Jonas: (horrified) “And you could only talk into it???”



14 June

‘Reading makes you rich!’

Lecture by Armin Pongs


Reading opens doors, reading gives you wings, and reading makes you rich – in pictures in your mind. For boys and girls to discover the world of books for themselves, it is essential that children be read to at home and at school. Those who experience the magic of reading at an early age will find it easier at school and in later life to acquire knowledge and find their way in an increasingly complex world.

In his lecture, Armin Pongs shows the importance of reading for the cognitive, emotional and linguistic development of a child, and gives advice on how to get even “bibliophobes” excited about reading.

Armin Pongs is a psychologist and sociologist, science journalist, the and publisher of many specialist books. He has been writing children's books for 10 years and inspires children to read with his interactive readings. He lives and works on Lake Chiemsee.


13 August

‘Is Pippi Longstocking gifted? Discovering and nurturing special talents.’

Hans-Joachim Müller, retired teacher, former spokesman for a “Giftedness” association in Lower Saxony, and lecturer at the Institute for Philosophy at Carl von Ossietzky University in Oldenburg