Writing Workshop

with the children’s book author Armin Pongs

People who read a lot have a lot of pictures in their minds and can put these to good use when writing their own stories.

The writing workshop with Armin Pongs is designed for children between the ages of 8 and 12. As an author of children's books, Armin Pongs knows how best to write stories. In this week together at Schloss Elmau, he shares with the children the tricks and pointers that help him to put his thoughts and ideas on paper, and helps them write a really great story. At the end of the week, the stories are presented to an interested audience.

Armin Pongs conducts as many as 50 writing workshops every year and has already motivated many people who don't like writing to write their own stories.






The main character of his children's books is a friendly crocodile called "Krokofil" (Crocofile).

11 June
Lesung mit Liegestützen  – "Krokofil – Der Traumländer", in German

13 June
Lesung mit Liegestützen – "Krokofil – Das Karussell der Farben", in German




10 – 14 June 2019

10.00 – 1:00 pm
from ages 8 – 12

Please register your children for the Edutainment events when you book your room or by sending an email to our Hospitality Desk hospitality@schloss-elmau.de

The workshops take place with at least 5 participants.

Please note that you must register your child with the Hospitality Desk one last time and in person, and give Schloss Elmau written permission to look after your child, before the start of the program. For the first unit of the program, the child must be personally handed over to the Kids caregivers by a parent or guardian.