Sports & Adventure in Winter

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Sports & Adventure in Winter

für kids & teens

Outside, the kids can look forward to skiing, snowboarding, snow tubing, ski safaris, snowshoe adventures, ice skating, ice hockey, and riding toboggans down from Elmauer Alm.  For all the others, exciting foos- ball, table-tennis, billiard and chess tournaments await. The day can end gently with a family sauna session  at the Family Spa.

Please book your participation in the programs when making your room reservations or in our webshop.

Ski school

By arrangement | 9:30 am – 12:30 pm
for kids from age 4

for groups of 4 or more
Ski & shoe rental
Free shuttle to the family ski arena

Dog sledding

3 February, 10 February, 16 February, 24 February & 2 March 2022
for kids from age 12 | from 7 years accompanied by an adult

Do you find sled dogs fascinating? Then this workshop is perfect for you! You will be introduced to Mushing terminology and learn the most important terms for controlling the dog cart or sled.
189 €/person


Monday | 7:00 pm | for kids age 6+
Saturday | 2:00 pm | for teens age 12+
Sunday | 11:00 am | for families with kids age 6+

The latest development in archery is archery cinema – fun and thrills for people of all ages. You shoot at a wall onto which targets, pictures, videos, and games are projected. From regular targets to hunting scenarios to prehistoric monsters and various shooting games (rotating fire rings, Wild West, flying Halloween pumpkins, dissolving aspirin tablets, and much more) ... anything is possible.


Tuesday | 2:00 pm | for teens age 12+
Friday | 2:00 pm | for families with kids age 6+

In the 3D animal course, you “set your sights” on various stations with different 3D animal targets and animal pictures in the open countryside. They are located at different distances and in different terrains, presenting the shooter with a new challenge each time.


Thursday | 7:00 pm | for kids from age 6+

After dark you will learn the art of archery by torchlight.


Wednesday | 3:00 pm | for families with kids age 6+
Saturday | 7:00 pm | for families with kids age 6+

Curling is an ultra-high-precision sport where your team’s curling stick has to be placed as closely as possible to the target point, the stave. For your team to win the day, you need strength, drive, technique, and – above all – the right team tactics.

Nature Detectives

Wednesday 2:00 pm | for kids from age 8

Join us in the forests around Schloss Elmau. Former professional hunter Hans Reiser shows you everything the forest has to offer. From trees to animals, he will show you how a forest works.