Sports & Adventure

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Sports & Adventure

19 June – 11 September 2021
15:00 – 18:00 & 19:00 – 21:00

Children from the age of 6 playfully explore and discover nature and a wide range of sports and adventure activities.
Archery, water polo, kayaking & canoeing on Lake Lautersee. Soccer, foosball, table tennis, and pool. Land art, outdoor action and forest adventures, fly-fishing and the crafts workshop all await. Gather round the campfire for a barbecue & make new friends.



Fly Fishing

You've always wondered what fly fishing is all about? We'll be happy to reveal the secrets of the sport: The bait, also called fly, is so light that the line serves as casting weight. This requires a special throwing technique that is designed to replicate the movement of insects. So the day starts with a short introduction to this type of fishing, before continuing on to Weidach trout pond, where you will learn all sorts of fascinating facts about insects and practice your first few fishing moves. The day is perfectly rounded off by savouring the freshly caught fish.

200 €/person (minimum 3 persons)
 175 €/person (maximum 4 persons)

The following services are included:
 Journey to Weidach and back, admission to the trout pond, equipment, gutting of fish, beverages & insurance

Please bring:
Sunglasses, cap, and hiking or sports shoes


Kayak Race Day

In your boats, and off we go! Join our ultimate adventure at Lake Ferchen! Take to the water in inflatable boats. Contests, games and lots of fun await, and by the time you've worked up an appetite, it'll be time for the evening BBQ party!


Game Day

Fun and games for everyone! We've prepared a variety games for you, including soccer and relay races ! Come by and join us! If the weather is nice, we go outside - if it's bad, we spend a cozy afternoon playing inside Schloss Elmau.


Slackline Tournament

All you need is...balance! Slacklining is a trend we're more than happy to introduce you to here at Schloss Elmau.

Arts & Crafts Workshop


We have all sorts of arts and crafts materials for you! Whether tinkering in 3D or making mementoes to take home - let your artistic ideas run wild.




is trending! Use your GPS device to explore the area surrounding Schloss Elmau, solve difficult puzzles, and find our treasure! Geocaching “Offroad” takes you out into the great outdoors, while our “Challenge” keeps you on your toes inside Schloss Elmau!


Stand Up Paddle Boarding

A glorious day by the lake with a plenty of Hawaii vibes: We learn the basics of this trending water sport, which combines elements of surfing with paddling while standing upright, followed by a lakeside chill-out session.