Culinary delights

for gourmets & cosmopolitans

Show Cooking with Tim Mälzer & Special Guest

31 May


Chef Tim Mälzer meets the Schloss Elmau team led by Culinary Director i.c. Food & Beverage Mario Corti to create culinary highlights. The event’s co-presenter alongside the famous TV chef is one of the outstanding singer-songwriters of our day, Max Mutzke, who will perform at Schloss Elmau the following day.

Best of Rungis de Paris

27 – 28 April

RUNGIS Express has a long track record of success. Founded in 1978, the small company in Paris’ famous Rungis wholesale market specializes in procuring all sorts of delicacies and bringing them to Germany as quickly as possible. The company’s name “RUNGISExpress” and the Eiffel Tower in its logo date back to these origins. On these two days, we will present an exclusive selection of the products that are currently best available, cooked live for guests in our show kitchen at the Restaurant La Salle. The specialist will host a small moderated workshop in a private setting, which will focus on celebrating French poultry and American prime beef.


Chinese Dim Sum Experience

6 – 10 June

Experts from one of the best hotels in the world in the Oberoi Group, trained in Hong Kong on the best steamers and woks, will serve exquisite little steamed dumplings as well as specialties of Chinese haute cuisine. On each of the evenings, our Fidelio restaurant will enchant you with an 8-course menu specially composed for the occasion.

Büffel Bill

4 & 6 July

Buffalo meat is considered an absolute delicacy in many parts of the world thanks to its quality and unique taste. With its low fat and cholesterol content, and disproportionately high iron and protein content, water buffalo meat is not only a delicacy, but also much healthier than other red meats.

Manuel Ruess, the founder and owner of Büffel Bill, will host a high-end BBQ featuring top-quality premium buffalo meat on both days. We invite you to enjoy a culinary highlight of the highest caliber!



Lebanese High Cuisine

2 – 7 October

Experience an incomparable blend of flavors, spices and ingredients. The key elements of Arabian Nights, skillfully blended with European influences that find each other in ever new, surprising ways are united in Lebanese cuisine. Ahmed Aziz, the Lebanese Head Chef at the Ras El Khaimah Hilton, will introduce you to the sophistication of this exceptional cuisine during our High Lebanese week.