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Schloss Elmau is a unique resort that has been celebrating, for more than a century now, concerts and festivals with the great artists of our time. To me, high culture is the highest expression of individual freedom and responsibility inspired by a Jewish-American ideal of liberty, that is strangely still viewed as its greatest antithesis by cultural elites in Germany critical of Western civilization. This motivated me to hold a series of „Schloss Elmau Symposia" with internationally renowned scholars to examine the history of opposing ideals of freedom and the enduring political relevance of the critic of western civilization in Germany, which in my view had paved the way to the rupture with civilization in the Holocaust.

My grandfather was a philosopher critical of western civilization and individualism. He wanted to offer his guests perfect possibilities to experience a "vacation from their self" in concerts and dance evenings with Classical Music and the silence of pristine nature. After Schloss Elmau was destroyed by a fire in 2005, I rebuilt and expanded in 2007 and 2015 as a cosmopolitan Luxury Spa Retreat & Cultural Hideaway, to offer cosmopolitan individualists and aesthets plenty of possibilities and space to experience a truly memorable "vacation for their self". The appreciation of individual freedom, contradiction and complexity is reflected in the new architecture, interior design and cultural program of the new Schloss Elmau as a Luxury Spa Retreat & Cultural Hideaway, hosting each year up to 200 concerts and talks with the great artists of out time.

Beyond being a Member of the Leading Hotels of the World and one of the best Spas, Schloss Elmau, for me, has always been also a political project committed to liberty and deepening ties with Israel and the United States of America as the indispensable defenders of liberty. It has therefor been a special privilege and honor, when Transatlantic Relations reached a high point on the long road of Germany to the West at the two historic and hamonious G7 Summits in Schloss Elmau 2015 and 2022.

Dietmar Mueller-Elmau

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 "Schloss Elmau. A German History"

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