Shantigiri Spa

T: +49 (0) 8823 18-0

Shantigiri Adult Spa

The Shantigiri Adult Spa in the Retreat is exclusively for guests above 16 years of age who are staying in the Retreat..Please note that all pools and one of the two sauna areas can only be used with bathrobes, swimsuits and/or peshtamals.

Each sauna area features a large finnish saunas and sole-steambaths with direct access to the japanese Onsen Pool (41C, 20sqm)Infinity Pool (35C, 20m), spacious relaxation room with breathtaking views of the mountains, tea lounge with open fire place & sunbathing terrace and direct access to the the Nature Spa with Sauna and yet another Lap Pool at the Ferchenbach Creek.

Shantigiri Family Spa

Guests of the Retreat may also use the Shantigiri Family Spa, the Nature Spa and all the great spa facilities at the Hideaway.

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