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The Art of Archery

Learn and practice the art of archery with Christian Kuffer, eight-time German archery champion. Weekly in our programm & exclusively by appointment.


After an introduction to archery technique, you take aim at your target. Christian Kuffer, 8-time German champion, will give you tips on how to improve your technique.

Archery with 3D animal targets

In the 3D animal course, you “set your sights” on various stations with different 3D animal targets and animal pictures in the open countryside. They are located at different distances and in different terrains, presenting the shooter with a new challenge each time.

Archery by torchlight

3D Archery can also be booked in the evening, by torchlight.

4D Archery cinema (BowSim)

The latest development in archery is archery cinema – fun and thrills for people of all ages. You shoot at a wall onto which targets, pictures, videos, and games are projected. From regular targets to hunting scenarios to prehistoric monsters and various shooting games (rotating fire rings, Wild West, flying Halloween pumpkins, dissolving aspirin tablets, and much more) ... anything is possible.

Archery trap

“Besides 3D course archery, trap (clay target) archery is one of the top disciplines of the sport.” The target launcher catapults a 33-cm disc into the air, which must then be hit in flight. This requires some physical effort, concentration and the right timing. Fun is guaranteed with clay target archery!