Fitness Gym Schloss Elmau

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Fitness Gyms

Fitness Training

Daily outdoor and indoor program in two gyms with the latest TechnoGym equipment, including:
Treadmills that measure ground contact time, detect laterality, speeds of up to 30 km/h, sledge and parachute functions, run uphill & downhill, complete challenges and state-of-the-art practice runs, optimal interval training with quickstart feature. Developed by TechnoGym as an Olympic Games supplier in collaboration with the best runners in the world.
Road cycle training on a spinning bike with real gear shifting and challenges with videos of thousands of routes worldwide, from Tour de France to Alpine passes and a lap of Central Park, comparable with your friends on Strava who share tours with real GPS tracks from all over the world on social media. Zwift lets you race your friends using their data.
Rowing machine with real-water feel.

Hideaway Gym

3 x Treadmill 1 x Crosstrainer Vario 1 x Crosstrainer Classic 1 x Bike 1 x Bike Recline Sit Up – Bench Back – Bench Kinesis Station – Chest Press Kinesis Station – Lower Back Kinesis Station – Upper Back Kinesis Station Shoulder Press Dumbell Set 4 – 24 kg Multistation Artis Barbell – 10 – 100 kg Pylo Boxen Tubes Chin Up Bar Bench Press Squat Rack Kettle Bells Exercise Balls Proprioceptive Tools Fascia Roll / Blackroll Free Workout Area Mats


Equipment at the Retreat Gym

In our completely rebuilt Hideaway Gym, you will find the latest equipment from Life Fitness, Woodway, Hammerstrength, Wattbike, and Fitbench.

The equipment in detail:
1x Olympic Smith Machine, Multi Cable Tower, 1x Fitbench, 2x slat treadmills, 2 Arc - elliptical trainers, 3x Wattbike, 2x Wahoo Kickr (on request), 1 arm ergometer, small equipment for functional training - kettlebells, slamballs, Pezzi balls and much more, as well as enough space for free mat training.