Triathlon Camp

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Triathlon Camp Schloss Elmau

with Ironman Weltmeister Sebastian Kienle
22 – 27 October 2023

A triathlon camp like no other. Enjoy the sport alongside one of the world’s best athletes in one of the world’s most beautiful places. The focus of the camp is to benefit from Sebastian Kienle's experience and enjoy the beautiful natural surroundings together while training. In swimming, the focus will be on technique. In cycling, there will be various challenging rides depending on the weather and the ability of the participants.

Sebastian himself says that he has had some of the best rides of his career in the region. When running, there will be a mix of input on running technique paired with endurance runs. Since Elmau is also a top yoga destination, anyone who wants to and still has the energy can take part in yoga classes. It’s an exacting exercise program, but our excellent food and unique wellness facilities are best enjoyed when you’ve properly tired yourself out.

Sebastian is one of the most successful Ironman athletes of all time, world champion in the long distance in Hawaii, two-time world champion in the 70.3 distance, and three-time European Ironman champion. He has achieved numerous podium finishes and most recently came second at Ironman South Africa in November 2021. As an active athlete, he knows about all the latest developments, and will share his experience with you in this camp.

In swimming, technique is crucial. For this reason, at the beginning of the camp, an individual technique analysis is made, which is then taken into account in the group swim training. In this way, targeted technique exercises become engrained, eventually leading to success. Training in our beautiful pools is an experience in itself!

High-end, all-encompassing assessment of your performance and physical condition using spiroergometry on the bicycle, to determine your threshold range for training, FTP, 1st and 2nd threshold. The results are discussed individually so that they can be purposefully integrated into the training plan. You can also regularly repeat the diagnostics separately from the tricamp; 3 - 4 times per year is recommended.

Sebastian is known among the Ironman elites of the world for his sophisticated technique. In the unit on running technique, you will work on posture during running and on maintaining a relaxed, fluid motion. You then practice these elements at your own pace.

There will be joint in- or outdoor racing bike rides, depending on the weather. According to Sebastian, the region contains some of the most beautiful routes he has seen in his career.

Flexibility and focus are essential for athletes, but are often neglected. Experienced yoga instructors close this gap with targeted sessions for endurance athletes.

The camp also focuses on spending time with like-minded people, enjoying the mutual exchange of ideas, and spending time together outside of the training sessions savoring meals, enjoying the spa, and gathering inspiration.