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Do you find sled dogs fascinating? Then this workshop is perfect for you! You will be introduced to Mushing terminology and learn the most important terms for controlling the dog cart or sled. You start by doing dry runs to get used to the dog sled. Of course you will also learn all about sled dogs and sled dog racing. Then it's time to “mush”: Test your mushing skills and steer the sled dog team yourself! Each participant takes turns learning to drive the team independently, lap for lap.

As a perfect culmination to the day, you experience the powerful surroundings of the Bavarian Alps on a hike in the snow. During this hike you and your Husky are connected by a special belly strap – an unforgettable natural adventure.

We invite you to experience an exciting day that you will remember for a long time to come.

26 December 2021
5 January 2022
16 February 2022

189€/person for children from 7 years old accompanied by an adult or on their own from 12 years old

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