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Nature Reserve
Along with our dedication to the care of our guests, Schloss Elmau strives to embrace an ethos that is mindful of the planet. Schloss Elmau is located in a nature reserve. Protecting the untouched nature in our sanctuary is our top priority. In addition we aim to be 100% climate neutral within the next 10 years.

Heating and Electricity
80% of our heating is generated by burning wood waste from the surrounding forests in our 1 MW wood chip power plant. As a backup and to cover peak demand we use our own combined heat and power cogeneration plant (CHP) which is fired by gas and generates 50% of our electricity. Our own hydroelectric power station, which has been in operation for more than 100 years, contributes another 15%.The  remaining demand for electricity is covered by green power provided by external utility companies. In addition we have reduced electric power consumption for lights by 90% using LED lamps. Halogen spots – which are still necessary for aesthetic reasons – are dimmed to just 2% of their possible output.

Cooling and Ventilation
We use state of the art inductive and noiseless cooling and ventilation using 100% fresh air heated by heat recovery from used air. We do not use energy intensive and unhealthy Air Conditioning and Fan Coil Systems which are also noisy disturbing the sounds of silence and rushing streams in our valley.

Water and Food
We only use and offer drinking water from our own high quality and mineral rich mountain source. All our trout, meat and dairy products are produced by bio-farmers in our region.

Amenities and Laundry
Amenities are made with natural ingredients and come in reusable packaging. Plastic straws have long been replaced with bamboo straws and plastic bottles with glass bottles. Our laundry is processed with green power and state of the art technolgy minimizing the use of chemicals. 

All biological waste is converted into electric energy in our own Biogas plant. Glass and paper waste is recycled.