Hiking Tours

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Large loop to Elmauer Alm through a beautiful, less-frequented forest that has repeatedly served as a film set.
Difficulty: easy


From Schloss Elmau along Ferchenbach brook to Lake Ferchensee and once around the lake. Back via the Hirnschlag, with a gentle counter ascent.
Difficulty: easy


King Ludwig II’s spectacular royal lodge is located at over 1800 m (5900 ft). Very nice mountain hike with stunning views and a nice place / nice places to stop for refreshment.
Difficulty: medium

Kämikopf - Zirbelkopf - Schloss Elmau

Up to Kämikopf on dreamlike paths. On the way is Zirbelkopf – a mountain that is relatively rarely visited. Things get challenging on the ascent to this sharp peak. A descent back to Schloss Elmau is possible via the Schützensteig trail and Lake Ferchensee.
Difficulty: difficult

Graseck - Eckbauer - Elmauer Alm

Family-friendly hike from Schloss Elmau along the forest path to Vordergraseck, continuing to the Olympic ski jump. Take the new lift up to Eckbauer and over Wamberg to Elmauer Elm. The lift shortens the indicated walking time by about 1h.
Level of difficulty: easy

Partnachkirchner Dreitorspitze

Long, physically demanding tour that requires a head for heights and surefootedness in the upper regions. In the via ferrata a rockfall helmet – and for less experienced climbers, a via ferrata set – should be part of the equipment.
Difficulty: difficult

Großer Ahornboden

Grosser Ahornboden is a natural monument in the Karwendel mountains, with mountain maple stands over 600 years old, embedded in an impressive mountain landscape. Especially beautiful in autumn. Ideal also for racing bikes or for people in wheelchairs.
Difficulty: easy


The Arnspitze group is essentially an elongated mountain ridge whose highest point is the Große Arnspitze. Two of the three frequently used trails to the Große Arnspitze are combined into a rewarding but strenuous traverse.
Difficulty: difficult


In Wallgau Bichl, take the Magdalena Neuner Panorama Trail up to Wallgau’s local mountain. The ascent is not particularly interesting, but you will be rewarded with magnificent panoramic views of the vast Isar valley, sometimes bathed in fog.
Difficulty: easy