December Yoga Teachers

T: +49 (0) 8823 18-0

Daily Yoga Classes

under the direction of Johannes Mikenda

9:00 – 10:00
for beginners and experienced practitioners 
seeking to improve their practice

16:00 – 17:15
for experienced practitioners 
seeking to expand and deepen their knowledge of yoga

1 – 5 | 15 – 19 | 23 | 25 – 30 December

Johannes Mikenda

Johannes is an Advanced Certified Jivamukti Yoga Teacher and Director of the Schloss Elmau Yoga Program. His goal in teaching is to convey the essence of Yoga in a way that is suitable for everyday life. Given his therapeutic and sports science background, he teaches individually tailored exercise programs.

5 – 10 December

Barbara Decker

The goal is a stress-reducing mindfulness practice that involves the whole person, letting them start from wherever they are at the moment. The focus is on a deepened breathing technique to accompany the vinyasa flow. Being in the here and now and being absorbed in what is happening at the very moment is the way to navigate a mindful life: on & off the mat. Pranayama, meditation and the chanting of mantras lead deeper into the method of yoga and build awareness, alongside asanas, for the inner process that is manifested on the outside. The path is the goal, and the pace is always set by the practitioner.

10 – 14 December

Sandra Gerhard

Sandra is an 800hs+ Advanced Certified Yoga Teacher (Jivamukti Method) and a dedicated Yoga Student. She earned her certification in the Jivamukti Method in Rhinebeck, NY, in 2010 (training with Sharon Gannon and David Life), followed by a 500hs Apprenticeship in Berlin and the Advanced Certification in Munich in 2015. She taught at “Jivamukti Yoga Berlin” from 2010 to 2016, at “Peace Yoga Berlin” from 2016-2019, before founding her own yoga school, “PRACTICE,” in late 2019.

19 – 22 December

Chrissy Meister

Love, as everyone knows, is loveliest when you share it. Which is why Chrissy decided to train as a teacher, following up her 300 hours of Jivamukti Teacher Training in India in 2016 with 800 hours of apprenticeship with her mentor and friend Kari Zabel.. This was followed by two more years as a nomadic yoga teacher in Portugal, Bali and Sri Lanka. Since 2018, Munich is her home again – and so are the city’s Jivamukti Studios, where she regularly teaches classes. Chrissy thanks her teachers Sharon and David and all those who have shown her that yoga is not just a system of physical exercises. It is the gateway to freedom and a life full of ease. Or as Sharon herself puts it: Magic is a shift in perception.