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Yoga & Fitness Tips for at home

Use your valuable free time at home to strengthen your immune system. The following videos from some of the best yoga instructors, who also teach at Schloss Elmau, are suitable for beginners and advanced students.

Enjoy your practice and your exercise,
and please stay healthy!

Johannes Mikenda


YogaEasy Voucher

Schloss Elmau and YogaEasy offer you a 1-month yoga retreat in your very own personal “yoga studio.” More than 1,000 yoga and meditation videos with well-known instructors await – and you can watch them anytime, anywhere.
How about an activating 20-minute morning session … or a longer session in the evening?
Depending on how much time you have, whether dynamic or calm, beginner or advanced, YogaEasy lets you put together your individual yoga program.

Sunrise & Sundown

Sunrise Yoga in the morning with Patricia Thielemann awaits you at the Yoga Summit from 24 – 29 May and during the retreat hosted by the Berlin-based yoga instructor from 22 – 27 November. The day ends with evening practice led by Jivamukti Yoga teacher Petros Haffenrichter at his Retreat 2021.
This video offers for practicing at home gives you a first taste of what to expect. The voucher gives you one month of free access to this and all the other yoga videos on YogaEasy, to help you practice at home.

Strength & Grace

Barbra’s classes will strengthen you both physically and spiritually. Her alignment-focused yoga classes are designed to promote strength, stability and serenity. The following videos are suitable for a varied yoga practice: “Best of Basics” for beginners & “Strength and Grace” for advanced students.
Barbra Noh will be teaching at Schloss Elmau again from 13 – 18 December 2020. The voucher gives you one month of free access to these and all the other yoga videos on YogaEasy, to help you practice at home.

Magic Ten

The “Magic Ten,” a Jivamukti Yoga practice invented by David Life and Sharon Gannon, offers the perfect start to the day. It strengthens the body for the day, holistically and gently, with 10 different asanas. The “Magic Ten” are an integral part of the daily classes at Schloss Elmau.

7-Minute Training

For training, I recommend – among other things – Chris Jordan’s original 7-minute workout. He created this oft-copied workout to have a set routine for every day. It is taught in a similar form at Schloss Elmau as part of the daily Fit & Active program.