Wellbeing Retreats

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Boost your health and get back into shape with serenity and results-oriented, individually curated programs which may include spiroergometric diagnosis, expert talks, soothing treatments, Yoga, TCM, Taiji Quan, Qi Gong, Dance, Meditation, Weight Loss Cuisine, sports and for mental and emotional relaxation and inspiration concerts & festivals with the great artists of our time,

Lose Weight

A PWR to optimize weight and serenity with intermittent fasting between early dinner and late breakfast, spiroergometric analysis to optimize training intensity, expert talk on training and weight loss cuisine, Sports, Yoga and Fascia Training and a daily treatment (60 Minutes). We recommend to book a minimum of 7 nights.

Daily Schedule:
07:30 Morning Tea in your room
08:00 Sports
09:15 Expert Talk
10:00 Breakfast
11:00 Time Spa & Treatments
16:00 Yoga
18:00 Dinner Time

Get back into Shape

A PWR to get back into shape with sprioergometric analysis to recommend optimal training intensity, HIIT Training, cardio workout, Stretch & Relax with best of Yoga and Fascia Training, daily treatment (60 Minutes).

Daily Schedule:
07.00 Morning Tea in your room
08.00 Training with Pro
09.00 Cardio Workout
10.00 Breakfast
11:00 Morning Walk, Run or Swim
13.00 Lunch Time
14.00 Time for Spa & Treatments
16.00 Yoga
18.00 Dinner Time

Strengthen your Back

A PWR to relax and strengthen your back with backstroke swimming, functional back training, Stretch & Relax with the best of Yoga and Fascia training,daily  treatment (60 Minutes) and expert talk.

Daily Schedule:

08.00 Breakfast
09.00 Personal Training & Expert Talk
11.30 Power walking/swimming
12.30 Treatment Time
13.30 Lunch Time
14.30 Spa Time
16.00 Yoga
18.00 Dinner Time

Reset & Reenergize

A PWR to reset and reenergize with sports in the empowering Alps. The Retreat includes spiroergometric analysis to recommend optimal training intensity, daily 4 hour hiking or biking tour, daily treatment (60 Minutes) and stretch & relax session with best of Yoga and Fascia Training.

Daily Schedule:
07.00 Breakfast
08.00 4 Hour Hiking/Biking Tour
12.00 Relaxing Treatment
13:00 Lunch Time
13.00 SpaTime
16.00 Yoga
19.00 Dinner Time