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Fly fishing

Wednesdays | 1 July – 1 September 2022

Fly fishing is a special kind of fishing. The bait, also called a fly, is so light that the line serves as a casting weight. This requires a special casting technique designed to mimic insects. So the day starts with a short introduction to this type of fishing before moving on to Weidach trout lake, where you will learn exciting facts about insects and practice your first attempts to catch fish. The day concludes perfectly with the tasting of the freshly caught fish.

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Beginner 4 Day Fly Fishing Course


in Cooperation with The Wading List

Arrival Monday, 6 June & Departure Saturday, 11 June 2022

FFI Master Fly Casting Instructor Christopher Rownes is one of the most respected anglers and instructors in the industry today. Now you have the chance to join Christopher for a 4 Day Beginner’s Fly Fishing Course at Schloss Elmau and learn the basics of fly fishing from one of the best.
Through the theory and mechanics of the fly cast, Christopher will introduce you to the fundamental principles of this beautiful sport. Within a few days you’ll be able to pick up a proficient and effective casting style.
Once the foundation has been laid, Christopher will take you to the beautiful rivers around Schloss Elmau and guide you to your first fish. Besides the mechanics of fly casting, he’ll teach you everything you need to be successful at the water. This includes reading the water, understanding where fish hold and can be caught, the tactics of presenting the fly, introduction into different styles of catching a fish (dry flies, nymphs, streamers, etc.) and equipment training. 
A maximum group size of 10 people ensures Christopher will have the time to personally coach each student according to his/her demands.
The course includes the following learning content: equipment, casting, entomology, reading water, knots and the right choice of flies and tactics on the water.

Day 1: An introduction to fly fishing and fly casting, equipment, knots, safety on the water

Day 2: The basic cast, roll cast, switch cast and change of direction

Day 3: (on the water) An introduction to river fly fishing

Day 4: (on the water): Short repetition of the basic cast, roll cast, simple changes of direction, clean pick up of the line / fly from the water, the right choice of fly, gentle landing of fish. Then we will fish together with different fly patterns (dry fly, nymph, streamer)

The course will last from 9:00 am to 3:30 pm each day (lunch break from 12:00 pm to 1:30 pm). On day 4 the lunch break will be at the river.
Equipment: All equipment including rods, reels, waders, wading boots, etc. will be provided by Christopher and his team. Christopher speaks English, German and Spanish.