The Schloss Elmau Experience

100 km south of Munich tucked deep in the calm of the Bavarian Alps. 1000 m above sea level. A sanctuary framed by lofty mountains & rushing streams. A Luxury Spa Retreat & Cultural Hideaway, a yoga retreat & romantic haven.

Relax in six separate spas & pools for adults & families. Unwind with Yoga, Taiji or TCM. Recharge your batteries with Sports Unlimited. Enjoy outstanding food & unobtrusive attention. Listen to unbeatable music, breath deep & discover.

Mental Detox &
Food for Thought

Experience unforgettable moments of
 time truly suspended in concerts &
 talks with outstanding artists &
authors of our time.

Dwell in possibility

Enjoy the freedom of choice 
in grand yet intimate interiors
blending ultimate contemporary
comfort with understatement,
subtle oriental influences,
warm lights & precious
natural materials from
around the world.


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