Taijiquan Qigong

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Taiji & QiGong

Dr.univ. Imke König has been practicing Taijiquan and Qigong for 35 years and is a doctor of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). Treatments can be booked at the SPA DESK.


In the Taiji Retreat, we study and practice the form, or choreography, of the authentic Yang style. Qigong exercises are additionally practiced for warm-up, strength, coordination, and agility.


In four days, we will cover either Part I of the form (Earth), or the first or second half of Part II (Sky) (including script) The first part is somewhat easier than the second, but in principle we could start with Part II as well. Warm-up with qigong exercises before we develop and practice the choreography of Part 1 of the authentic Yang-style form as a group. The meditative aspects of this form of movement are explored, as well as the principles of opening and closing the yin and yang.



Dates for 2021 will be announced shortly.


In the TCM and Qigong Retreat, the essence of Traditional Chinese Medicine is explained. Each day, new Qigong exercises are taught, along with knowledge about the principles of the Chinese Five Element Diet, and of living a happy, long life in harmony with nature.


Daily Qigong exercises (including script)
The principles of the Five Element Diet in TCM
TCM Lifestyle: Live a long and happy life!
Useful teas and herbs Acupressure for emergencies