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Luxury Spa Retreat &
Cultural Hideaway

Embrace a feeling of peace and belonging in two inimitable Leading Hotels of the World featuring grand yet intimate interiors which are blending the ultimate in casual luxury and understatement with warm light, subtle Oriental influences, timeless Italian elegance, and precious natural materials from around the world.

Guests staying at one hotel can enjoy all the great offers available at both.

THE RETREAT has been opened in 2015 and is located 150m west of the HIdeaway. It features identical Presidentail Suites and has been the perfect residence for the heads of state and government during two G7 Summits (2015 & 2022).

The 47 spacious Juniorsuties & Suites (60-200 sqm), Adult Spa, Japanese Onsen Pool, Family Spa, Gym, Yoga Pavillon, Summit Pavillon, LIbrary Lounge and Restaurants for adults as well as families, offer the ultimate in casual luxury and breathtaking views of the pristine Valley or the lofty  Wetterstein Mountains and the rushing Ferchenbach creek.

The Retreat is heated sustainably with wood chips and cooled by a state of the art inductive and noiseless cooling system. Since our guests keep windows open to enjoy the fresh mountain air and temperatures at night never rise above 15C even on hot summer days, we have refrained from installing an AC system, which is not only noisy and harmful to the climate, but also does not work properly with windows open.

THE HIDEAWAY has originally been built in 1916, destroyed by a fire in 2005 and rebuilt in new grandeur and splendor in 2007.

The Hideaway features 115 intimate and spacious rooms & suites (25-120 sqm), the spectacular Badehaus and authentic Oriental Hamam for adults, Family Spa, Nature Spa, Tea Lounge, Smokers Lounge, Jazz Piano Bar & Lounge, five restaurants - incfuding one with 2 Michelin Stars-, Fashion & Lifestyle Shops, phenomenal Bookstore, Library and legendary Concert Hall.

The Hideaway is heated sustainably with wood chips and does not have an AC system for the same reasons as the in the Retreat.