Fidelio Restaurant

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Pan Asian Cuisine

Sushi Master and Chef de Cuisine Rex Corpuz and his team of specialisty chefs create an unforgettable authentic Asian experience. A daily changing selection of Sushi, Sashimi, fish and meat dishes provides new impressions of this particularly diverse cuisine upon every visit. One of the highlights: the Sushi Chef Selection Royal, served for at least two guests – a set of the finest Sushi and Sashimi.

Pop-up Restaurants

5 – 12 April
Restaurant Sabai Fine Thai meets the Fidelio

Sabai Fine Thai on the Bay in Singapore was inspired by the belief that the distinctive and delicious flavors of Thai cuisine are appreciated all over the world. Mrs. Thoboonme – together with her Executive Chef Pankaew Boonmuang – prioritize an exciting variety of flavors and attention to detail. Equipped with this philosophy and the culinary expertise they have gathered over the years, they travel to the foot of Mount Wetterstein to bring the authentic Thai dining experience.

7 – 22 July
Restaurant Cherry Garden @ Fidelio

Cherry Garden is one of Singapore's finest restaurants, offering guests Cantonese cuisine presented with artistic, contemporary flair. Chef Eric Tan and his team favor authentic Cantonese dishes prepared with fresh seasonal produce. The young chef brings his culinary finesse to Elmau this summer.